Calgary Plumber Tips - Unclogging Toilets

Published: 05th July 2010
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Unclogging a toilet is never a pleasant experience to deal with, and never good timing either. Most clogs you can clear yourself but you can always call a Calgary Plumber for professional help if its more serious.

Typically you'll know you have an issue if you flush your toilet and instead of flushing, water rises unusually high and might even overflow if you continue to try flushing.

There are several things you could do at this point - finding a local Calgary Plumber is one option, but try using a plunger on the issue to start with.

The Plunger:

Whether you own or rent your home, you'll probably have a plunger handy (if not, give your neighbor a quick call). When you purchase or use a plunger, be sure to use the right plunger! There are often small cheap plungers which don't get as much of a seal than you'd find with a larger heavy-duty rubber version.

Depending on how bad the clog is, we'd recommend:

1) Clear the area around the toilet so you have more room to work with.

2) Protect your floor below the base of your toilet, in the event you have a leak or if the toilet overflows on you. Newspaper or paper towel will suffice just to help you clean up later in case things get messy.

3) Find a pair of rubber gloves. Toilets tend to carry a lot of bacteria and wearing rubber gloves will help protect your hands.

Using a plunger on a clogged toilet is pretty straight foward - press the rubber part of the plunger around the opening in the toilet to create suction then push up and down on the handle. Performing this action several times usually creates enough suction to unclog the blockage.

Not working at that point? You might have a larger plug than a plunger can deal with...

There are other options out there like using a shop vac wet vacuum (messy), use of enzymes to break down the waste (usually takes a while and only works with organic waste), or possibly by way of a drain-cleaning chemical available at most "big box" stores. Do note though that the use of chemicals tend to be harsh on the environment, potentially stain your toilet bowl and, generally speaking, have little or no effect in most cases with a clog.

If you suspect the block to be a hard obstruction or just can't unclog the block, it would be best to call a local Calgary Plumber. Professional plumbers could use a plumbing snake (or auger) to clear a clog without damaging your toilet or more of an advanced technique to unblock the issue. They could also use video camera technology & digital pipe location to locate the block or (worse-case) replace the pipe as a permanent solution to the problem.

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